about me 

Height: 5"9   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Natural Blonde

Where it all started: When I was five years old I had relatives visiting from the states and in order to avoid a looming bedtime curfew, I threw together a dress from some carrier bags and put on an impromptu show for the adults. It succeeded in both extending my bedtime by a good few hours and gathering my family happily around me. I was hooked. It was that quick and that sudden but somehow utterly irreversible-- moth to a flame.

Nothing excites me more than living through different characters, riding the never ending roller coaster of their emotions and telling their stories. I somehow never feel as alive as when I'm acting, it's such a relief sometimes to breathe someone else's air and escape the cloud of everyday life. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of a creative community and to be able to embark on this path. I can't wait for my journey to begin and to collaborate and work with many creatives along the way.  



Production  |        Character         |   Director         | Production Company


Conspiracy  |   Marianne Faithfull |   Paul Nelson  |   Channel 5

Killing Eve   |  Villanelle Body double | Jon East   | Sid Gentle Films  

Catastrophe  |         Shelly           |  Ben Taylor       |   Avalon Television

Luckyman II  |  Eve Body Double  |  Andy Hay        |   Sky


The Quarter Life Crisis |   Amy     |     Ken Ezra     |  NTD Productions 


     Hoplite centurion     |   Angle    |     Ed Kirk   |  Acamas Video 

Johnny English 3  |   Ophelia Body Double |   David Kerr |  Universal Pictures 


Last one turns off the lights |   Scarlette  |   Ken Ezra |  NTD Productions


           Resident            |      Erin      |     Ed Kirk      |   Kaleid films     


     These Voices        |    Angel    |     Ken Ezra     |   NTD Productions 


Burying your brother in the pavement   |   Multiple Roles  |   Mike Hayhurst |  The Royal and Derngate

What the Butler Saw   |   Dr Rance  |  Michelle Jackson  |   Northampton College

Reality  |   Cassie |   Natasha Murphy  |   Newroad Productions


Mascara London   |   Noir Productions 

Veet  |   90 Seconds  

 Training & Workshops 

Actors Temple   |   Meisner   |   Jo Romero

Art Ed  |   Classical and Contemporary  |   Multiple Teachers 

Level 1 City Lit   |   Contemporary Dance  |  Ines Carvalho


Royal and Derngate​ |   Theatre   |   Mike Hayhurst

Royal Shakespeare Company  |  Play In a Day |  Multiple Teachers

Chaplins stage school |   Performing Arts |   Multiple Teachers

Northampton College    |   A-level Drama   |   Michelle Jackson


Clifford Baldery academy of Dance  |  Irish Dancing Advanced  |   Multiple Teachers

 Special Skills 

Accents -RP, American-California, Northern,Birmingham,Essex,Northampton 

Dance-Irish dancing,Ceroc,

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