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Where it all started: When I was five years old I had relatives visiting from the states and in order to avoid a looming bedtime curfew, I threw together a dress from some carrier bags and put on an impromptu show for the adults. It succeeded in both extending my bedtime by a good few hours and gathering my family happily around me. I was hooked. It was that quick and that sudden but somehow utterly irreversible - like a moth to a flame.

Nothing excites me more than living through different characters, riding the never-ending roller coaster of their emotions and telling their stories. I somehow never feel as alive as when I'm acting, it's such a relief sometimes to breathe someone else's air and escape the cloud of everyday life. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of a creative community and to be able to embark on this path. I can't wait for my journey to begin and to collaborate and work with many creatives along the way.  


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Natasha Murphy

Tel: +44 7538425227


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